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The visionary paintings of Jonathan Wiltshire are rapidly becoming prominent among collectors in America, Canada, and Europe. His art has been used to illustrate a variety of spiritual books published in the U.S. and Europe. Jonathan's work has also been featured in Angel Times magazine, American Artist magazine, and in two videos.

Through his highly developed intuition and devotional attunement, Jonathan captures on canvas the inspired themes and images that stream into his awareness. The beauty reflected in each of his paintings lifts the viewer to the threshold of Inner World realities. Jonathan has dedicated his life work to the precept that spiritual art is intended to awaken our inner perceptiveness, encourage, and even transform the beholder. His images provide a bridge between the visible and the invisible.

Medtem ko ste na tem nogometni dresi trgovina, preverite našo polno in raznoliko linijo kolegij oblacila v top stilov otroški nogometni dresi, pa tudi.

"Art is for me a pathway to inner realities."

—Jonathan Wiltshire